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You have the skills to design and want to work on projects you love that make an impact. When you exchange your skills and passion for income, you’re building a business.

Here at Pre-lance, we want to help you turn your passion into a profitable business so you can become a successful freelancer.

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The Freelance Designer’s
Checklist (Free PDF)

If you’ve ever wondered what the roadmap to freelancing success looks like, then this is the checklist for you. It’s a free downloadable pdf that gives you an aerial perspective on the exact steps you need to take to create a foundational freelancing business. You can check off the list as you go too!

The Must-Have List of
Tools and Resources
(Free PDF)

You’ll receive a list of the best tools to help you promote yourself, organize your projects, onboard clients, and more. It’s also interactive and links to all resources mentioned so you can check off as you gather your tools!

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Get Clients Challenge 
(Free Email Course)

Without new clients, your business can’t grow. If you can’t find enough projects to sustain yourself financially or if you’re an introvert who has trouble talking to potential clients then this course will teach you how to implement the 3 pillars to landing clients.

Pillar 1:

To be known, you must show up

Pillar 2:

To be liked, you must provide value

Pillar 3:

To be trusted, you must be consistent


Pre-lance Toolkit ($67)

As a designer, you were taught to design, not manage the business stuff that comes with freelancing. These digital templates will jumpstart your freelancing career so you can stop wasting time patching together your most-used business documents.

Pre-lance Course ($197)

If you want to know the real secret to landing clients, enhancing your income, and building a freelancing business you’ve always dreamed of, then this is the course for you.

This online course gives you everything you need to know before jumping into the creatively fulfilling life of a freelance designer without underpricing yourself.

Module 1: Prepare to Work For Yourself
Module 2: Pricing
Module 3: Get Clients
Module 4: Workflow
Module 5: Taxes
Module 6: Getting Down to Business

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“Anyone that is in a design career should take advantage of Pre-lance. It goes over all the things that most don’t learn in school about the business of design.”

Claudia Wall