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I Understand When I Act Now, I Get Instant Access to Pre-lance™ Toolkit Ready-to-Use Templates (valued at $129), Including:


05  Invoice

06  Design Brief

07  Design Presentation

08  Feedback Form

01  Client Intake Form

02  Estimate

03  Proposal

04  Contract

Who Pre-lance™ Toolkit is For


  • Graphic designers and web designers just starting out in freelancing

  • Graphic design majors in their junior or senior year

  • Graphic design graduates

  • Current annual revenue of $0-$30k

  • Designers who’ve had under 5 total clients

  • Designers who continually attract low paying clients

  • United States REsidents (The terms in the contract are based on US law)


Who Pre-lance™ Toolkit is Not For


  • Annual revenue over $30k

  • Designers who have been in business for over a year

  • non-usa residents


“After years of working in my own freelance business and making mistakes along the way, I have since become a student of systems and processes. I’m about to share some of my best lessons to avoid undercharging yourself today, and instead…how to start charging your worth and start getting paid so you can create a freelance gig that supports the lifestyle you want!”

Even with a degree in design, freelancing is filled with mysteries like...

  • What do I charge for my work?

  • How do I make sure I'm not undervaluing my services?

  • Do people really make a living this way, and if so, how do they do it without burning out?

  • How do I make sure someone doesn't flake on my invoice?

Benefits of Pre-lance™ Toolkit

→ Starting with basic templates like these can help you quickly familiarize yourself with legal terms ←

→ Templates are fast to use and can be integrated in your process right away ←

→ Being seen as a professional is much easier when your presentation is on point ←

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I Also Understand When I ACT NOW, I Also Get This Bonus…

The "Price it Right" Video Training (valued at $99)

This video is not available anywhere else. You'll learn how to set pricing for friends and family (instead of giving away your hard work for free), calculate your hourly rate, calculate a flat fee for projects, and determine which method to use (hourly or flat rate).

100% Risk Free

If Pre-lance™ Toolkit ready-to-use templates and bonuses doesn't allow me to get paid and save me time drafting documents...or if it fails to help me gain confidence to ask for money, then I understand that I will receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase. No questions asked!

For just $67

You’ll have a set of digital documents that will create an easy process to onboard clients and get paid.

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Melinda Livsey

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get Pre-lance™ Toolkit is another minute feeling unsure of yourself instead of using these ready-to-use templates to quickly and easily protect your creative work, get paid, and jumpstart your freelancing career!