Attn: Graphic Designers!

Attn: Graphic Designers!

Don’t get stuck accepting less money than what your designs are worth

Don’t get stuck accepting less money than what your designs are worth


Charge your worth, protect yourself, and come across as organized and professional (even if you feel unqualified) with the must-have digital documents.

Charge your worth, protect yourself, and come across as organized and professional (even if you feel unqualified) with the must-have digital documents.

Pre-lance Toolkit

As a designer, you were taught to design, not manage the business stuff that comes with freelancing.

Heck! You weren’t even taught how to freelance.

But that doesn’t
stop you…

You finally find some work, throw out some prices, but lose your soul a little when you end up having to negotiate your price.

Even though you know you've undervalued yourself, you compromise because you just can’t wait to get creative.

And now the project is sent off to the client, but you’re stuck with an unpaid invoice.

Proposals? Contracts?

That’s enough to make your creative eyes glaze over.

And the problems you face as a freelancer include things such as:

→ Underpricing yourself
→ Doubting your processes
→ Balancing projects

You struggle to position yourself as a true professional and you feel like an imposter. After all, you are winging it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Good. Then you're
in the right place.

It is said that 80% of your future income will come from 20% of your current clients.

That’s why your client onboarding process is crucial in delivering a great first impression in order to keep your clients.

And the best way to get your contracts signed, get paid up front, and have more exciting work in the future is to provide your potential clients with a beautiful onboarding experience.

To help you get there, we created a set of ready-to-use digital templates to simplify the process.

These templates are going to reduce the hassle of having to patch together hurried documents, save you time, build confidence, and position yourself as a true professional.

Introducing Pre-lance Toolkit


Digital templates to jumpstart your freelancing career so you can stop wasting time patching together your most used business documents.

Once you download and send these documents to potential clients, you’ll benefit from:

→ Freeing up time to design work you love
→ Establishing rapport with potential clients
→ Positioning yourself as a true professional
→ Quoting a project without cringing
→ Pricing yourself confidently

And for a freelancer, how does that feel?

→ Your portfolio reflects the level of projects you want to design
→ Clients start to refer you to their friends
→ You earn what you deserve for your work

It's all possible with Pre-lance Toolkit!


Benefits of 
Pre-lance Toolkit

Implement a user-friendly process
(so you can make your business look good)

Save time
(because each hour you spend on a non-billable task is an hour you won’t be paid for)

Systemize your workflow
(so you can screen out the bad clients and attract the great clients)

Impress your clients
(so they can refer you and create an additional stream of clients) 

Here’s what’s inside

Pre-lance Toolkit:

Client Intake Form

Ask the questions you need to know before quoting a project so you can spend time creating high-quality work you’re most passionate about.

Valued at $47



Protect you and your work and avoid unclear terms that can come back to haunt you.

Valued at $147


Design Briefs

Clarify goals upfront and align with your client to avoid any problems.

Valued at $57


Design Presentation

Present your initial ideas in a beautiful deck to raise the value of your designs.

Valued at $87



Quote a price fast for small projects with terms to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Valued at $87


Feedback Form

Gather testimonials so that you can show trust to help you get more clients because social validation is integral to growing as a freelancer.

Valued at $47



Get paid!

Valued at $87



Show your clients you understand their problem and land the project.

Valued at $147


Financial Forecast

Have a birds-eye view of your finances so that you know how much you need to make or how many clients you need to land to stay in business.

Valued at $67


Project Breakdown

Calculate whether or not you're undercharging yourself and get faster at projecting how long a new project will take so you can price yourself correctly and plan your timeline. (No more overworking yourself)!

Valued at $67


BONUS! Price is Right Training

This video is not available anywhere else. Set pricing for friends and family (instead of giving away your hard work for free), calculate your hourly rate, calculate a flat fee for projects, and determine which method to use (hourly or flat rate).

Valued at $227

Total Value of $1,067!

But for just $67, you can start today and unlock instant access to Pre-lance Toolkit

and get the Price it Right Training for Free

You will get all the goods right out of the gate so you can get all the information you need from your clients up front, work on projects in half the time, and create happy clients…without wasting time.

Pre-lance Toolkit Works

Here's Proof


"The templates are straightforward and will help you get started today. No fluff."

Lya Pollard

“Before accessing the Toolkit, I wasn't feeling confident about my contract, had clients take advantage of my terms, and had no documents in place for invoices or proposals. The Toolkit has helped prevent clients from over-asking deliverables because on signing it they take me much more seriously. I can always refer back to it."

Josh Gibbons

“After using the Toolkit, I got more clarity on how to handle my process. I was able to impress my next lead and get a client."

Andreas Muller

Exclusively Inside the
Pre-lance Toolkit

8 InDesign + PDF Templates
Get the exact contract and proposal templates I used to land $3k-$6k branding projects.

3-Day Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund.

Lifetime Access
Use these templates on your schedule and pace and revisit the templates anytime you choose.


Who is
Pre-lance Toolkit for?

Graphic designers and web designers just starting out in freelancing

Graphic design majors in their junior or senior year

Graphic design graduates

Current annual revenue of $0-$30k

Designers who’ve had under 5 total clients

Designers who continually attract low paying clients

United States residents (the terms in the contract are based on US law)

Who is Pre-lance Toolkit NOT for?

Annual revenue over $30k

Designers who have been in business for over a year

Non-USA residents

About the CEO

 “After years of working in my own freelance business and making mistakes along the way, I have since become a student of systems and processes. I’m about to share some of my best lessons to avoid undercharging yourself today, and instead…how to start charging your worth and start getting paid so you can create a freelance career that supports the lifestyle you want!”

Melinda Livsey, CEO and founder at Pre-lance

For just $67, you’ll have a set of digital documents that will create an easy process to onboard clients and price yourself confidently.

So click the button below right now to buy now

Unlock Pre-lance Toolkit for $67

and get the Price it Right Training for Free

Unlock Pre-lance Toolkit for $67

and get the Price it Right Training for Free

100% Risk Free

If Pre-lance Toolkit ready-to-use templates and Price it Right training bonus doesn’t help you price yourself confidently and save you time drafting documents, then you understand that you can receive a full refund within 3 days of purchase.

No questions asked!

Still on the fence?

Here's what Toolkit students have to say:

Will you continue to underprice yourself and feel uncomfortable talking to clients?

The phone calls and meetings can be so nerve-racking.

Taking them through the entire journey of on-boarding—getting the price approved, signing a contract, and even presenting concepts—can drain your energy.


Will you show your value up front and earn what you deserve for your work?

Instantly access these ready-to-use digital documents and have the chance to position yourself as a true professional, protect your creative work, and price yourself confidently.

The choice is yours.

But if you want the easy route…

Take advantage of this right now.

Simply click the button below to get access to…

Unlock Pre-lance Toolkit for $67

and get the Price it Right Training for Free

Unlock Pre-lance Toolkit for $67

and get the Price it Right Training for Free