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I don't have time to go over everything inside of the product because we could be here for hours, but one of the strategies inside that will give you the results you're looking for FAST is this course focuses on the methods that DO WORK bridging the gap from recent graphic design grad to successful freelancer.


Let me show you the "Pre-lance™" course breakdown and how it will help you.

Pre-lance™ provides graphic designers proven freelancing methodologies that get you more clients and moola by bridging the gap between recently graduated and successful freelancer.



01 Prepare to Work for Yourself

  • Get the tools that will help you establish a system and work efficiently so you can focus on your zone of genius
  • Prepare your portfolio properly so you can attract your ideal clients
  • Present yourself as a professional so you can avoid looking like an amateur


02 Pricing Extended

  • We'll dive deeper into pricing, like knowing what to say when someone you know asks you to do work for them
  • Learn the additional things you can charge for so you don't leave money on the table
  • How you can avoid the pricing rollercoaster mindset so you're not working yourself too thin


03 Get Clients

  • Determine your niche and specialty so you can set yourself apart from other designers and attract your ideal clients
  • Leverage and increase your network so you can get new clients and keep them on repeat
  • Learn the red flags to watch out for and the boundaries you need to set so you can avoid the less-than-ideal clients


04 Workflow

  • Learn how to manage multiple projects at once
  • Establish your design process from start to finish so you can become efficient
  • Integrate a proper backup plan because lost work means lost money


05 Taxes

  • Know the forms you need how to save for tax season
  • Learn how to manage your expenses and what even constitutes as an expense
  • Establish your business entity


06 Getting Down to Business

  • Understand when to use an estimate and what to include
  • Get to know your rights, project ownership, and when to use a contract
  • Learn the possible payment methods and how and when to send an invoice


And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with "Pre-lance™"!

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to apply what you've learned in design school, close the gaps in your education with real-world experience, enhance your portfolio with design work you love—and make money at the same time...any time you want (or need to)?


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"Before joining Pre-lance™, I was unconfident in my negotiating abilities and nervous when talking about my contracts/fees. I started using some of the tactics described in the course and I grabbed three clients in the midst of the course! I've also been charging DOUBLE what I was charging beforehand. At the moment I'm working freelance about one quarter of the time of my normal design job but making just as much in a month by freelancing with these techniques." -Sean Goodwin,


"As far as freelancing, there were so many things that I didn't learn in school. Pre-lance™ helped me have a better understanding of the business, as well as giving me important information to improve the way my clients see me as a designer. I think that anyone that is in a design career should really take advantage of this course. It really goes over all the things that most don't really learn in school about the business of design." -Claudia Wall,


"I felt pretty uncomfortable talking to clients about business before joining Pre-lance™. I really loved this class. It was broken down into easy to digest lectures and action assignments - and before the class was even finished, my freelance business already improved ten-fold just from the action steps that forced me to be active." -Tom Chapman,


Again, now that you can save time drafting documents, don't miss your chance to also start freelancing without guessing faster and easier than ever. 


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