How graphic design freelancers can go from charging $0 to $5,000 for a logo


Melinda Livsey, April 14th, 2019



You're probably thinking to yourself, “Ya, right, that's a distant dream. I'm still struggling to charge just $500.”

Even though you're able to design great work, your portfolio doesn't reflect the level of projects you know you can design. This means you're still not attracting the type of clients you want to design for. Because after all, don't the best clients come to those who have the best portfolios?

So then you start looking for jobs and sending out resumes instead of looking for that next great client.

The idea of becoming a graphic design freelancer has always allured you, but without a plan, you've been left wondering how to even get traction?

Imagine if you just had a roadmap to price your design work confidently.

Getting clients? Line 'em up!

Sending contracts? Easy.

Quoting a project without cringing? It can be a reality!

But the route seems foggy and decoding the mystery of freelancing involves things like searching far and wide for information with too many points of view, which you end up having to piece together still asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I leverage my portfolio to land great clients that value design?

  • How do I charge remotely close to $5,000 for a logo?

  • What are other designers doing that I'm missing?

It's not difficult to get the answers to these questions, but it can be puzzling to figure out on your own.

You just need a few wins.

At Pre-lance™, we plot the path between drifting freelance designer and confident navigator on a tight course, unafraid of the horizon. We do this by filtering and tailoring the best freelance design resources online so you can stop doubting yourself and stop feeling overwhelmed. You'll finally put your scattered and confused mind to rest and start winning as a freelance graphic designer.

This means no more:

  • Charging too little.

  • Working long hours.

  • Feast or famine cycle.

Whether you want to make freelance design your full-time business or whether you have a separate day job and want to make extra income on the side, Pre-lance is the place to learn how to create a freelancing business you've always dreamed of.