You want to gain information, knowledge and resources to prepare you to freelance.

You want to find great clients who value design, happy to pay your rates, and ideally not just your friends and family.

And you want to be seen (and paid) as a legit professional instead of an inexperienced designer.

If only the business side of freelance was taught in school...

Because right now you’re struggling, feeling uncomfortable while actively looking for freelance work since you do not have the contacts or experience to know where to start.

You are not taught how to freelance in school which feels overwhelming. Where do you go? Where are you supposed to start? Why can’t someone tell you the secret behind a (not always) glamorous freelance career?

As a freelancer who now has enough clientele to make it my full-time gig, I work with graphic design grads who want to:

  • Gain more confidence in approaching clients as an expert offering services.

  • Feel prepared to go out on their own.

  • Learn the business side of freelance that wasn’t taught in school.

  • Know how to present themselves as a professional freelancer.

  • Pursue freelance without feeling overwhelmed, unsure or hesitant.

I believe that it’s totally possible to become a successful freelancer.

Because when you learn the business side of freelance, you’ll feel more confident when presenting yourself, your work, and your rates to new clients.

After designing for a wide range of clients including Oakley, Loot Crate, and Paramount Pictures while building a consistent clientele that allows me to work for myself—full-time.  It’s fair to say I know a thing or two about how to become a successful freelancer.

As the creator of the Pre-lance™ Course I’ve given many graphic design grads confidence, knowledge, and tools they need to make it as a freelancer.

Put simply, my students get results.

When you work with me you get access to everything I know; what resources, marketing techniques, and business prep you need in order to freelance. As we work together I’ll encourage you to take real action in developing your process, share my personal stories of victories (as well as many failures) that you can learn from, and break down every step so that you have a clear understanding of everything a successful freelance career needs.

By the time our work together comes to an end, you’ll have your freelance process mapped out, have the ability to present yourself as a professional, and never feel intimidated by pursuing freelance—ever again.



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